Why would you need to backup some of your phone’s data? The main reason a lot of people backup their phone is to have a safeguard in the case of an emergency.

For people who take a lot of videos and pictures, backing up the data on a desktop computer, and then deleting the file off their phone, can help free some space on their devices’ internal storage.

When you first load up MySyncCenter you’ll be asked to pick what files you want to back up and sync with your desktop computer. Some of these include; pictures, alarms and ringtones.

After connecting the app wirelessly to your desktop computer, the app will then automatically sync your data on to your computer without you needing to do anything.

Everytime you connect your device to your computer afterwards, any new data you have on your Android phone will then automatically sync straight on to your desktop.

For a small price, MySyncCenter is a definite investment for people looking to clear some room on their Android phone.