YoYo Games today launches GameMaker: Studio, a blisteringly fast 2D games development tool. The studio allows for developers to create games with a powerful, yet simple to use drag-and-drop environment with only a single code base. In simpler terms, the studio will allow for developers to increase their frequency of game releases.

“Users of GameMaker: Studio can realize productivity gains of 80 percent or more compared with native coding,” said Michael Dailly, head of development at YoYo Games. “Fully functional prototypes can be created in just a few hours while full games can be “app store” ready in just a matter of weeks.”

Users of GameMaker: Studio have already published several hits on the Google Play store. ‘Reflexions’ was recently one of the most downloaded games of the past month, and ‘Rick O’Shea’ managed to hit one million downloads across various app stores.

The base price for GameMaker: Studio is $99, with the ability for iOS and Android exports costing $199 each.