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How to create bookmarks in Ice Cream Sandwich

Follow this tutorial to learn about the basics of bookmarking on Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you’re reading an article on the internet, it can be incredibly annoying if your reading experience is cut short for some reason. You can save yourself the time and hassle of having to manually search for the exact same article once again by creating a system of bookmarks that you can then use to speed up your browsing experience in the future.

A bookmark can be used to save a series of webpages, providing you instant access to them. Any webpage can be bookmarked, as well as any page that has a video or podcast embedded into it. Bookmarks can be used as a reminder of a specific site, or act as a way of sending the link to a friend.

There’s no limit into the amount of bookmarks you can create on your Ice Cream Sandwich device, but the way in which the browser stores and saves them differs. For this tutorial we are using the default browser. Not only is it one of the best browsers currently available for surfing the mobile web, it also has a sophisticated and unique way of dealing with any bookmarks you create while browsing on your smartphone.

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to first find your bookmarks. We’ll then discuss how to go about saving your bookmarks, how you can customise the look of your bookmarks, and we’ll even show you a few little tips on improving your bookmarking experience.

  1. How to create bookmarks in Ice Cream Sandwich

    Find Browser icon

    Open the app drawer while on the home screen on your device and then scroll through your pages of apps until you find the default Browser icon. Press it to open the browser on your device.

  2. How to create bookmarks in Ice Cream Sandwich

    Browser home screen

    By default, the default browser will open up on to the Google Search screen. Use the search bar to find a website you want to bookmark.

  3. How to create bookmarks in Ice Cream Sandwich

    Save to Bookmarks

    With the site you wish to bookmark open, press the options button on the browser. From here open the Save to Bookmarks page to continue.

  4. How to create bookmarks in Ice Cream Sandwich

    Where to save?

    When you start to save your bookmark, make sure the ‘Add to’ option at the bottom of the list is selected to Bookmarks and not any other folder.

  5. How to create bookmarks in Ice Cream Sandwich

    Enter the details

    You can now begin to fill in any other blank spaces on the bookmark form. Once you’ve finished adding all the information, press the OK button to finialise it.

  6. How to create bookmarks in Ice Cream Sandwich

    Manage your bookmarks

    The main bookmark screen will now show on your smartphone’s screen. Here you’ll be able to open up a webpage quickly by selecting one of the bookmarks.

  • Chris Woodhouse

    I’m using Ice Cream Sandwich on my Asus Eeepad (Transformer 101) – but the Options button on the default browser does not offer the function “Save to Bookmarks” 🙁
    Any ideas about how I can bookmark a webpage?

  • Being new to Ice Cream Sandwich, I kept going over and over Step 3, and coming Short. I could never determine which button is the “Options Button” where the Instructions said, “press the options button on the browser”. I was pressing what I think is the “BookMarks” button.

    However, after finally just looking at the Photo, (thanks, for that by the way), I surmised that the “Options Button”, are those new Three Dots, that I think are called the “Menu Button”.

    Then I found that mine Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX doesn’t have those Three Dots on the Default Browser, (it might still have them, but I haven’t discovered how to make them appear… I just installed Ice Cream Sandwich less than 19 hours ago, and I was asleep part of that time).

    So, by playing with the Cell Phone and mostly reading other Web Sites, (, about the Three Dots Missing on the BookMarks tab, I read that the built in “Menu Button” always works, (it’s that button found on the Bottom Left of the Cell Phone that looks like Venetian Blinds).

    But, I really want the Three Dots… so I kept searching and found this. If I bring up the Menu, using the built in Menu Button mentioned above, I can go to Settings~Labs~Quick controls. I can Toggle between “Slide thumb from the left or right edge to open quick controls and hide app and URL bars”.

    This is a sort of work around. The Menu does come up, and includes the Three Dots, but it is hard to conrol my movements, (I used my other thumb to stop the Screen from Scrolling while pressing a Menu Choice), and then I don’t get the URL Address, (I like to Long-Press the URL Address and the new ICS capability to “Select All”, “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste”, or “Share” Pops Up~! (Kew~EL~!).

    So, turned the Side Menu Feature. I’m still wondering why does your Phone have the Three Dots and mine does not, and I’m working to get them back. I was able to create a Folder and save my BookMarks in that Folder.

    I hope that this helps.

  • From , (,

    “Of course, menus differ from app to app, one of the criticisms of Android. In some cases the menu button will open a menu exactly as it was before, like in the Skype app for example. In other apps, where you’d expect Ice Cream Sandwich’s three dots menu icon, they’re simply missing and the menu opens from the bottom of the screen.”

  • Bookmark Fan

    ICS’ bookmark format is absolutely unacceptable. They are my Razor Maxx’s most important, most-used feature (I use them to access updated data scores to hundreds of times daily), and those stupid, vague, indecipherable thumbnail blobs with their tiny fuzzy print are of no use. The heck with social networks, movies, phone calls, camera, email, streaming audio/video, and all that extraneous stuff; give me back my Gingerbread until we get our bookmark list format back.

  • Maybe you can help, i have seem to have lost the one of the options under account, i only have local now.

    i think it might have been after using an app called Bookmark Sort & Backup Pro, plus i now get random errors saying, unfortunately the process has stopped.

    Have any ideas?

  • Neil M

    I only have 3 fields, name, address, folder. I don’t get the same setting options as you do.

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