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How to sync Android with iTunes

Want to sync your music collection from iTunes to your Android phone? Follow our step by step tutorial to find out how.

Apple’s iTunes comes in for a fair level of criticism. Detractors complain that it’s too bloated, is buggy and slow and has become more focused on being used to sync everything from iPhones to Apple TV boxes than it’s main purpose – music management.

Others will argue that, despite it’s faults, it’s still the best program of it’s kind. It’s also home to the iTunes Store, which has an enormous amount of content that can be ordered right from the program itself.

There aren’t a great deal of decent alternatives to iTunes and, when it comes to simply keeping control of your music collection, it does a pretty decent job. The bigger issue is that it doesn’t like to play ball with any non-fruit branded hardware.

Tunesync changes all that, however, and you don’t even need a cable. It’s a perfect way of keeping your iTunes library or playlists and Android phone in sync over your WiFi connection. Simply install the app on your device and the server on your PC and you’re ready.

  1. How to sync Android with iTunes


    Tunesync needs to programs in order to function – the app itself and a tiny ‘server’ program which runs on your Windows PC or Mac. Both are free. Head off to the web and come back to Tunesync when it’s installed.

  2. How to sync Android with iTunes


    Open the TuneSync server program on your computer when you are ready to sync. You may want to set up a playlist to sync in iTunes just for your phone. iTunes does not need to be running during syncing.

  3. How to sync Android with iTunes


    Tunesync should automatically find your iTunes library via WiFi. Tap on it and you will be asked whether you want to synchronise specific playlists or the entire library. Consider how much storage space you have on your phone before choosing to copy everything.

  4. How to sync Android with iTunes


    Press your phone’s back button to return to the main menu and check the ‘Enable Sync’ option and ‘Wireless Sync’. Scroll further down and tap ‘Sync now’. Hey presto – your music should start copying over wirelessly to your Android device.

  5. How to sync Android with iTunes


    Return to your phone’s home screen and access your ‘Media’ or ‘Music’ icon. The music tracks you selected for syncing should appear automatically, ready to play and even with cover art if it was already included. Seems iTunes and Android can play together, after all.

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