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How to use the S Planner app [Updated]

The S Planner app is featured on the Galaxy S5, Note 4 , as well as other Samsung Android phones. Here’s how to get started with it.

The S Planner has been Samsung’s calendar option since the Galaxy S1 and in that time it has undergone a few transformations.

Those changes are mostly in the design of the app but there has also been an evolution in freehand calendar entries. Whereas in the earlier models you had to write a note in S Memo and attach it to the calendar, now you can write directly on the calendar. This makes seeing events that last more than a day, such as a holiday, much easier when viewed in Month view.

All the usual features that we’ve come to expect in the S Planner, such as syncing it with your Google and Facebook accounts and adding a location to your event by using Google Maps, are still included. The S Planner is simple and clean but we’ve put together this tutorial to make sure you get the most out of this excellent calendar app, where you’ll learn how to create an event, move them around and even check the weather.

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1. S Planner, Samsung, Note 4, Galaxy, tutorial, How To, mobileView the home screen

You can view the homescreen in a number of formats. For an hour-by-hour look, select Day or Week view, while Month and Year give more general overviews. To just see your events you can select the Agenda view. This can all be accessed by pressing the app’s top left hand corner.


S Planner, Samsung, Note 4, Galaxy, tutorial, How To, mobileMake your event

The ‘+’ symbol at the top takes you to the Add Event screen. Here you can add a name and a time to your event. The teardrop symbol loads Google Maps where you can pinpoint your destination. Alternatively you can enter it manually. Reminders will stop you forgetting that crucial appointment.


S Planner, Samsung, Note 4, Galaxy, tutorial, How To, mobileWrite on time

The calendar and pen symbol in the top right-hand corner enables you to write freehand on your calendar. It only works in portrait mode but can help to make extended or important events visible. You can choose from a range of colours and pen thicknesses and can preset your favourites.



Step 4Track the weather

You can now see what the weather will be like over the next seven days on your calendar. Head into Settings in the top right-hand corner and turn on 7-day weather forecast. This will provide you with a basic overview of the coming week’s weather, which could help with your weekend plans.


How to use the S Planner app [Updated]Sync calendars

If you are logged into Facebook or your Gmail account, S Planner can sync up with those calendars, adding in important dates such as birthdays and social events. Alternatively you can head to Calendars in the top right-hand corner to choose which of your calendars you want to sync up with S Planner.


S Planner, Samsung, Note 4, Galaxy, tutorial, How To, mobileShift your events

If you need to reschedule an event for the same time on a different day, you can do that easily. Tap the day the event was originally scheduled for and, when it appears in the pop up box, press and drag it to the correct day for easy schedule alteration.


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  • James Semple

    Really useful. Thank you. Now, can you do one for the Note’s Browser under ICS.

  • Jack


    I have noticed that you have skirted around the creation of repeat events. Is it possible to create a bi-weekly repeating events?


  • Kristy

    Can some one please let me know how to add new calendars to the s.planner. I need numerous coloured calendars but I just can’t figure out how to do it.
    Thanks!! :-)

  • Bruce Lebastard

    Same question as Jack. How do you set Bi-weekly reminders? Lots of us get paid Bi-weekly.

  • Adrian Suri

    I seem to be hitting a snag, and am not sure how to get around it. When entering some events in S planer, either via google calander, or on my S3 s planner, the event does not appear on the time line but in a tab at the top of the day/week, what am i doing wrong


  • Steve

    Same question as Jack and Bruce – really frustrating lack of planning that one…. when will they release a fix for it do you think

  • Greg

    I have these fractions that appear at the first day of the week on every line on my s planner calendar. Also appears on the day that I’m on. What are they and how do I get rid of them? Eg 6/8 for first Sunday of the month, then 6/15 for second Sunday etc. Thought at first they were the says of the year from beginning and end IEEE 2 Jan would be 2/364, but the numbers were all off.

    • Cos Alexander

      Hi Greg, I’ve just noticed this comment of yours while experiencing the same issue on my Note 3. Did you find a way around this?
      Thanks a lot, Cos.

      • Loren

        I’m having this problem too. Has anyone had any luck figuring out how to get rid of them?
        Thanks Loren

  • Ashok

    Nice informative article. Does s planner tasks sync with Google account?

  • bdk

    How can I remove an appointment on S Planner

  • Fred

    Jack, Bruce, Steve, as far as I can tell, there is no on-tablet fix anticipated for alternating weeks. However, you can use a pc to go into your google mail account, click on calendar, and create alternating week events. My tab automatically syncs and adds these as created. Not elegant, but it works. Haven’t tried to do this via internet on the tab yet, may be possible.

  • Adrian

    My wife and I mutually share calendars. We decided it was not a good idea so on GMail I created a ‘common’ calendar, and removed access rights to each others calendar from GMail, so that we cannot see each others calendar. The problem is, I cannot seem to remove each others calendar from SPlanner, i.e., we still see have access to each other’s calendar. How do I permanently remove a calendar that I have added?

  • Kate

    How do i get s planner onto my galaxy s2?

  • David

    When an appointment is for a short time only, or the entry is relatively long, the day-view doesn’t show the entry, only a blue field. I assume that if the time-slots can be changed the texts would show. Is it possible to change the time slots in S-Planner other than the default 1/2 hour, say to 15 minutes? And if so, how?

  • Doug

    When I create an event on Google Calendar (on my computer) it syncs nicely to my S Planner. But when I create an event on my S Planner it does not sync back to Google Calendar. Why? Incidentally, in S Planner the description of the event is in a strange fluorescent fuzzy font (strange description, I know). This makes me think I’ve done something wrong in creating the event in S Planner.

  • Jeff Mayo

    MY CALENDER seems to be the default when I use VOICE COMMAND (which is what I mostly use) Does anyone know where can I find the settings to have a NOTIFICATION alert be made automatically for MY CALENDER when I make a new event from VOICE COMMAND?

    Thanks, jeff

  • Steven

    I’m using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with S Planner on it.

    I’ve disabled syncing to my Google account on my tab. Then I was adding entries to the S Planner, IE Event, Meeting @ 6pm etc etc. I’d click on the day on the calendar, and add an event. They had a vertical blue line to the left of the title (EG, | Lunch with Barry). The line looks identical to the | My Calendar option on S Planner.

    Anyways, I then added another event. I didn’t change any options, but suddenly when I saved it, instead of the vertical blue line, the title was enclosed in a blue box. Also, the option for repeating the event when I clicked yearly, went from “for 50 years” to just down to 10 years, so this is another sign something changed.

    How do I get rid of the blue box, what does it mean, and why did it appear?? : (

  • LynneJ77

    This is a great tool, but my husband is partially-sighted and cannot see the blue writing/highlighting in his calendar. If if it is not possible to change the font color would somebody please let me know and we can find a different app for him.

  • bill

    Galaxy S3 4G running Jelly Bean.
    I use S Planner and enter appointments using TASKS and it works OKish however if I need to reschedule times etc it doesn’t order the appointments in an adjusted time line.

    For instance if I have 4 appointments entered 1 hour apart and need to swap the 4th appointment with the 2nd appointment it leaves them in the same order which is stupid IMO.

    Anyone else have/had this problem and is there a fix/solution??.

    Some of these ‘quirks’ are almost driving me back to my Blackberry, I certainly would never consider Galaxy S3 4G as replacements for Blackberry for staff.

    I have the Galaxy because my carrier gave it to me outright (Free Not attached to a Plan)and I’m really trying to love it.

  • jacqui

    I would also like to know if it is possible to change font/highlight colour on S planner on Galaxy s3. I have seen pictures of s planner on line with different colours but I can’t seen how to change them. Some entries I have added seem to be in dark blue and some are in in light blue but I don’t know why. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Babs

    It would be extremely useful and very much appreciated by all of us if the author would answer the questions asked in the comments.

  • Lynne

    I’ve been trying to add an account to my calendar but keep getting an error message. ‘Setup could not finish’ Failed to search exchange server automatically. Enter settings manually.

    So when I click edit details it asks for domain\username. Ive tried using hotmail.com & hotmail.co.uk as the domain but it seems to be wrong.

    My g/f has successfully added her calendar to her phone but mine isn’t working.

  • magali

    Yes, yes, yes. Galaxy s3 – change colour on your gmail calendar S-Planner.
    I figured it out.
    1) open your gmail calendar on the web.
    2) Below “My calendars” (to the left)you probably have calendar with your own name.
    –> click on the arrow (hold the marker over your name – the arrow appears)
    3) Voila- choose your colour.
    4) Continue with “tasks” if you want to change colurs there as well.

    (Soory for my english….not my language)

  • Vince

    How can you delete an appoitment in S planner on a galaxy s 3?

  • Maria

    I would like to turn off email notifications when using the S Planner on my Galaxy S3. How do I do that? I don’t want all my meeting reminders to pop up as email.

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    I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you book marked to look at new stuff you post…

  • CH75016

    Tu dois avoir sur ton smartphone Samsung S calendrier et agenda google impérativement.
    Sinon les données que tu saisies sur S calendrier ne sont pas transmises sur ton agenda goggle PC.
    Elles le sont grâce à google agenda sur ton mobile.Je réussie très bien avec le Galaxy note 2.
    Avant ça marchait mais google ne veut plus que S calendrier se synchronise directement.
    je leur ai écrit que S calendrier est bien mieux que leur google agenda mobile.
    Ils ont une version payante…

  • Tim

    Hi, S planner doesn’t accommodate for Australian holidays… if someone knows how to set this up please let me know I have done hours of research and found nothing to help me.


  • Jose M

    You can add Australian holidays from your Gmail calendar on the web, first find the calendar

    1. Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars
    2. Select Browse Interesting Calendars
    3. Find Australian holidays and click subscribe on the right

    After your phone syncs, you should see the holidays on S Planner

  • Nerina

    Hi I spent ages entering different events/tasks on the S planner. Everything was fine for a couple of months and just today I noticed that all my entries have disappered!! The only ones I can see are the last 2 feinted entries from the previous month ie: 30/31st December and then everything has disappeared in January etc… Can anyone tell me why this has happened and what to do to retrieve them all

  • Meagan

    Hi, any help with the following would be appreciated. I mniw that reoccuring appointments can be set up in the S planner, however I need the same appointment or more like a reminder to alarm me every 3 days. I could only do this through Siri with the I phone but cant seem to get anywhere on s planner or with the s voice.

  • Patrick

    There’s a number of drawbacks on this planner. When I create a meeting (that will last for one hour) it first reserve the whole day. When I after a save edit my meeting and put in a starting time it automaticly sets end of meeting next day. I never have meetings the whole day. The multicalendar I have on my phone (android 2.3.5) works much better. Here I can edit the starting end ending time when I make my input the first time.
    How do I disable the checkbox “whole day”?
    It also activates the reminder with a default of 15 min before the meeting. How do I set this to no reminder as a default?

  • Karen

    Why does s planner delete my past events after 30 days. Can I change this so it does not delete any
    of my past events at all

    • yasmin

      did you ever work this out as i am so struggling

  • http://www.sanonofresafety.org Donna

    How long will old entries stay on my calendar? I want them to stay indefinitely. I know there is a problem with Google sync not syncing entries over 30 day, so l am only using the My Calendar. However, old calendar entries are disappearing. This is a critical issue.

  • Janette

    Can you invite people to an event using s-planner? For instance if Im having a meeting and want to invite 4 staff members can I do this using this app?

  • Dave

    I’m hoping somebody can help me… I’ve been looking at just about every site that I know of in regards to this question but I can’t find the answer. Here is my dilemma… When I first used S-Planner, in the month view it would have a stripe across the day of the month that there was an event on and it had the words… i.e. Lunch with mom… But now, on the same day it only has a +1 and no stripe or words. It isn’t much but I use it for my job schedule which is sporadic so it helps to be able to see the entire month at once. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks in advance…


  • jane

    Hoping for some help. Seems odd, but I don’t seem to be able to access the s.planner whilst on the galaxy s 3 phone. What am I doing wrong? Would appreciate some help on this.

  • Sonya

    Hi, Hope someone can help me, I have a galaxy note 2 phablet/and a 10.2 tablet. I use s planner to schedule my appointments(on my note 2 while out and about) but seem unable to sync the calender updates to my tablet? Help Please.

    • Nicole Aby G.

      I have the same problem with my Note 2.0 and Note 8.0

  • Sonya

    that is a 10.1 tablet… typo

  • Shawn

    How do I add an Attendee to an appointment on S Planner? I have the Note II.
    My wife has an Iphone and we need to invite each other to events.

  • farida jal

    Can you invite people to an event using s-planner? For instance if Im having a meeting and want to invite 4 staff members can I do this using this app?

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  • http://houseofhotrod.co.za Marius

    How do I set the ringtone of splanner to ring continuously until I either stop it or snooze it. I’ve tried all the available tones but my phone only buzz once.

    • Angie

      I am having the same issues! Some one please help! I need to set the reminder so it alerts me since I forget all the time..

      • Ambar Srivastava

        I’m also having the same problem! Can somebody please help?

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  • http://none Matt

    It is astounding that so few of these clients needs were responded to.
    There is apparently no point in even asking.
    Absolute corporate suck.

  • Gela

    I have a Samsung Tablet Note 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy s3 mobile. I originally had my s planner synced. Now my tablet is not sycing with entries I make via my mobile. Please help!

    Can I access splanner remotely from other PC’s etc?

  • http://jlh2.wordpress.com/2008/04/24/ode-to-grilled-cheese/ Latanya

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  • angela carter

    on my planner all the birthdayscoming up are all down as the day before I don’t know how this has happened how can I rectify it? and how do I delete an even?

  • camila

    On my planner every time i create an event and move to another day or month and come back to the event I had created, it’s gone. Why could this be happening?

  • Tony

    I’ve just switched over from an iphone to the Samsung S4 and now I can’t sync my calendar with my friend’s iOS calendar (ie send/accept invites). Is there anyway to do this?

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  • benny

    When entering an event on Outlook (syncronized with the S3) that span over midnight(e.g. starts at 22:00 on day 1, ends at 07:00 the next day) I see it as a continueing event shown on the time line (e.g. 22:00-midnigh on day 1, midnight – 07:00 on the next day).
    However, on the S planner of S3, the event does not appear on the time line in each of the days but rather as a tab at the top of the day view in both days, just as if it was an “all day event”. Clicking on the tab shows the actual details as were entered.
    How can I see such events on time line of the S planner, too?

  • benny

    On S3 s Planner, when I travel to another time zone and let the S3 ajust the time automatically, all the events are shown correctly but the time indicator (red line) in day view shows at the home time. Alarms notifications go off at the home time, instead of the actual time at the new time zone.
    How can I adjust this to the actual time?

  • Tony

    @Dave re the “orange +1” shown for a day in month view.
    I had the same problem/issue.
    Just did a test and if there are more than 2 appointments for the day, it puts the “+1” to signify that there are more appointments than can be shown in that view.
    Not sure about the other part of your question re “desc of the event”.
    Just did another test and the + keeps increasing each time a new event for that day is added…ie 3 appointements = +1, 4 appointtments goes to +2 etc.

  • james grierson

    How do you sync the s2 note s planner to microsoft calendar. i have tried with no luck. our microsoft is on a pop3 server.
    Am clueless with this


  • Andrew

    I really like S Planner, but I’m really annoyed by the Muslim options that come with it and which I can’t turn off and which do interfere with the operation of the calendar. Eg in the month view just underneath the date it has an alternate date related to Muslim calendars, and it has other Islamic calendar options. Why is that in there and why can’t I get rid of them? I just want a plain old standard calendar.

    How can I get S Planner to be less Islamic and more normal?

    (FYI the phone (a Galaxy S4) was a grey import)


    • hdumpty

      Was there a reply to this? I want to delete ramadan!

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  • Nat Hayes de Freitas

    Can you tell me how to set up a 4 weekly repeat event… bills… etc .x

  • Jaccie spence

    I can’t get alerts r notifications on s planner even though I have it set in settings

  • jay

    i would like to know how to use the “s planner widget” on note 2 , basically i want to add a ‘ to do ‘ event and strike it off once completed , but im not able to find the ‘to do’ option all i can do is create an event ,but cannot create to-do/task or check/uncheck

    • TheTodd

      you want a TASK app … not calendar events.

  • Grietje

    Hey, i would like to add a location but the tablet always shows the location of where I am instead of the location that I have written. Please help!

    • Nowon Inc

      Better app to support the feature you had requested along with other features of S Planner would be ‘Lockiebuzzr’ Really an awesome app that behaves like a OEM app

  • Art Johnston

    There appears to be no repeat option to do (for example) the 3rd Tuesday of every month. This seems to be the main form of schedule that I do, is there a way to add this option?

    • Mike

      My problem exactly. Not very Smart is it. My old stupid Nokia did this with ease.

      • http://www.nowebsite.com naamzarorihaikia

        All iz well all iz well

  • susan

    Pleeeasd heeelp! Ive just got Samsung galaxy tab 2…. S planner is great but please, how can i attach a simple note to a day. Have spent 4 days searching (satellite, really slow) Can add event but would just like to add simple note. Would reeeally appretiate any help. Thanks

  • Dan

    I have the Samsung S4. When I set multiple reminders on SPlanner it only rings once. I want it to ring on all the reminders. What must I do? Dan

  • Steven Breens

    I have a Galaxy S4 and want to create a long term calender entry for a particular day every 4 weeks. Is there a simple way to do this. The options are only for every 2 weeks or for the same date every month.
    Thanks, Steve

  • linda meijer

    Can i add files to my samsung galaxy tab s planner?

  • Fernando Fernandes

    How to access S Planner during a call on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with android 4.1?

  • Mohanraj S.Sekar

    Hi, I use the S planner on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I want to know how I can set an exact time a birthday reminder will ring. For example, I have a friends birthday on Sept 9th. I want to set a reminder on my S planner to alert me at exactly 8am. I noticed that I can add the duration, but how do I set it to exactly alert me at 8am? Please help, I am very lost…

  • Nicole

    Hi is there any way to change the font color on the widget?

  • rudy

    Can I access splanner remotely from other PC’s etc?

  • kelly

    please can you tell me if its possible to sync this with my laptop running window 8?

  • Maureen Rabbitt

    Entries made with ‘Quick Add’ do not appear on my calendar. Help! I’ve made a lot of entries this way and only now realised that my entries are either not there or invisible.

  • Priyesh Luvuneha

    I had a s3 a while back and got a xperia z and is it possible to get the s planner for the xperia?

  • Ronnie Loh

    how to permanently made the s planner outlook ( photo in s/r 1) to appear on my samsung note 3 screen?

  • Janet

    I have a very simple question. Why does my s planner show where Ramadan is and not any of the Christian holidays and why can’t I remove this from my plan as it is not a time or holiday I need to know about. Please tell me what I need to do to take it off.

  • marcohern

    ONCE Every three weeks! Thats all I need, an activity ONCE EVERY THREE WEEKS AND THE STUPID APP CANT DO IT? why is that so hard! WTF??? USELESS!!!

  • Arvind Singh Kandhari

    I was using S planner on my tab note 800. Recently I have got a Galaxy S4. I have been able to sync the calenders between the two phones, but can someone help me sync the tasks?

  • Collowald

    I have a S4 with S planner : How can I recude the hour range on the day view? I dont need night and early morning hours. from 7 am to 22 pm is enough

  • peggy

    I keep having new apps on my phone accompanied by the pic of the little green robot. Is this because my husband is downloading it on his phone and our phones are synced?

  • Carin

    Is there a way to accept/decline calendar invites on S4 (s planner) when an email invitation is received. Pop email account

  • Liz

    I can only sync (backup) one calendar colour onto google calendar. All the other coloured calendars I’ve created have disappeared when I reset my phone. Only one colour appeared. How do I save dif coloured calendars to google? Or anywhere I just need to be able to save those damn dif-coloured calendars!! Have spent 3 times re-doing it

  • Sara

    how can I sync my s planner from my galaxys3 and my window8 computer

  • Tracy

    how do I remove all the facebook birthday from my calender? This is so annoying

  • DJ

    My SPlanner app on my new S4 speaks all of my calendar alerts! I have changed event notification to ‘status bar’ and ‘no ringtone’ in settings but the vocal alerts persist. Please help, this is a big problem in an open plan office.

  • neemoose

    One of my S3 homepages was a monthly view of S planner and it disappeared. How do I get it back?

  • http://hillcrestcottage.co.uk Sue Corbet

    In the help screen it suggests that there should be a Calendar Tab on the Home Screen but I have no such Tab??

  • ton mansveld

    Hello, i havebought a samsung chromebook and i am looking for de app s planner, cann’t find it. Can anybody help me? Thanks

  • ken g

    how do u delete an event from a samsung 4 tablet?

  • edgar

    how can i recover all deleted daya on my S.planner

  • JFBK

    I have a S4 mini. After creating an event with S planner I cannot find the way to switch this one from one calendar to another.
    Typically I would like to switch events from my private calendar to my professionnal one or the inverse operation. Both of these calendars where created and synchronised with google calendar. I can do it easily on my PC but how to do it on my mobile with s planner ??? Thanks if you have the trick to do it !

  • Bob Emonson

    Can I change the default appointment period from 1 hour to 30 minutes for all future appointments? If yes, how?

  • Jess Doblanko

    My husband and I both have S5’s and have a shared plan, is there any way I can sync my s planner to his so he can see everything I enter as well?

    • TheTodd

      you should both setup a samsung account. Then, add a calendar, specifying the others samsung account login.

      This will not create a single shared calendar, but it will allow you to view each others calendars and keep them in sync.

      • Monique Rubin Väisänen

        Can you do that as well if your husband has an iphone?

        • TheTodd

          I have not tested this, but I would guess not, because, the Samsung apps are for Samsung customers. Apple and Samsung generally do not play well together.

          If you want a shared calendar across mobile platforms, consider a google or microsoft’s offerings.

  • Paul R Desmarais

    Can you sync 2 phones together on this app so I don’t have to add events on 2 phones separately. I have an S3 and a note 4

  • graham

    why isn’t my sync button not highlighted on my phone

  • angela

    How do I sync my s calendar on my note 8.0 with my s5? I have been trying to figure this out for months now. Please help :) tia

    • TheTodd

      do you have a samsung account? do you have a gmail account? where does your s5 calendar live?

      on the Note, add a calendar to the calendar (under options), and specify the account source where the S5 puts it calendar data.

      It will all sync up and work.

  • Tiffiny

    I want to install s planner on my s5 but it doesn’t come up when I search for it in the Play Store. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • TheTodd

      S Planner appears to be an embedded application in the Galaxy Note products. I too looked for an S Planner for the S5, and was not successful.

      However, the S Planner on my note displays calendar data from 2 sources: my Samsung account, and my gmail account.

      On the S5, I opened the calendar app, went to the properties, then calendars, then +ADD ACCOUNT. By default my S5 uses my gmail calendar. I added my samsung account, did a sync, and bingo! I had sync’d all the calendar data to my phone that had been only available on my tablet before.

      its not ‘s planner’ on the s5, but its pretty close.

  • Nita

    My note 4 does not give me the option to put in a reminder? can anyone help

  • Matt Calveley

    I have an S4 mini with S Planner which is syncd with Google Calendar on my laptop. It all works fine except for one infuriating glitch:
    If I create an event on the S4 and include a location and then save the entry, after a few seconds the location is simply erased. The entry remains in the S Planner (and copies across to Google Calendar) but the location field has been emptied. This does NOT happen if I do this the other way round, ie create the entry on Google calendar on the laptop which then copies across completely to the S4.
    How do I prevent the location field being deleted on S Planner entries created on my S4?? Thanks

  • Abeer Al Subaie

    Can I some how add a new type of task insted of using default “My Tasks”? I mean I can add a new calendar, can i do the same thing with tasks?

  • Elena

    Hi there – on point 5 I really dont want my Samgsung calendar to sync with my Gmail calendar – I find myself unticking the calanders every day. Is there a way to make this stick longer than 24 hours?

  • Brian McCorkell

    My Galaxy S4 was recently updated to Android 5.0.1.
    Now I can’t seem to be able to copy any of my appointments to a different date in the S Planner as the Copy command won’t show.
    Can anyone help with this, please?

  • Mirous Jagor

    My Galaxy S4 updated to latest Android 5 today and my favourite s-planner widget that did show events from today to next week JUST DISAPPEARED. I dont seem to be able to find an alternative in the widgets that are installed after the update. UNBELIEVABLE!

    • Pete Mesley

      Yep, exactly the same happened to me last night when I updated. There is a “mini today” widget, but it is the whole width of the screen (4×2). I need the old one back which was 2×2

      • Mirous Jagor

        I solved it. I installed Google calendar and it comes with 2 x 2 widget that works as needed with all installed calendars. S-planner included.

        • Pete Mesley

          Nice one. There are a LOAD of things I don’t like about the new s planner, so Google seems a good bet. Thanks

  • merlin777777777

    i used to be able to drag appointments and tasks to another day but now i can’t. What’s changed?

  • RIchard

    how do you add a calendar event Direct from you email and invite the email sender?

  • TJ Method

    Does anyone have the s planner widgets for note 3? Im on verizon with biggins rom I think it was removed as bloat. I found s planner apk app that works fine that I think came from and s5 not knowing that the S planner apk was still listed in my files. If anybody can Dropbox s planner widgets that would be great.

  • Alicia Rahim

    Does the latest version of the s planner have stickers?